No. 8 Lock Knife


You're in Hossegor, it's pumping, you're hungry. Time is of the essence, we all know the French love to close every single place that sells food around lunch time, they're odd like that. Stuck in this very situation I witnessed an event I can only describe as inspired, beautiful and eye opening.

At the back of an irritatingly long E.Leclerc queue stood one Sam Lamiroy, clutched in his hands is a full size baguette and a selection of meat and cheese. With the effortless dexterity of a seasoned snacking pro, he single handedly flipped open his Opinel No. 8 and proceeded to finely craft an affordable yet filling lunch, right there in that checkout line, arriving at the till with only a selection of barcodes and the sly grin of a man who just blew my mind.

As I watched in awe I knew that every surfer should be able to recreate this feat, so at Wavelength we now proudly offer you the Sam Lamiroy Mobile Lunch Crafting Knife, aka as the Opinel No. 8 Lock Knife.

The popular carbon steel blade range from Opinel.

  • Handle: Varnished Beech
  • Blade: Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 8.5cm
  • Steez: Strong 

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